Discover a new world Completely vegan

An application to discover vegan places around you, or around the world. Find restaurants, bars, coffees, or any kind of vegan shop.

Vilki App

Vegan places on Vilki

Vilki aims at promoting and giving visibility to any vegan business, no matter what is the activity or where it is located. On Vilki, you can also find online shops or businesses that don’t necessarily have a physical shop. We aim at promoting all and any vegan activity. All businesses listed on Vilki offer only 100% vegan products and services.

Free, collaborative and ad-free

Users are warmly welcomed to collaborate on the platform by submitting vegan establishments, all around the world. Whether you own or know a vegan restaurant, coffee shop, shop - or any vegan business or organization, we will display it on Vilki for everyone to see ! The app is free, and ad-free. No annoying ads or sponsored content.

About us

We are two vegans from Montreal and we own a mobile development studio named Loup. We have decided to create a mobile application on our free time to try to gather all the vegan places in Montreal first, and then why not around the world? We would love your help to do so!

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